Tiina Lintunen

Tiina Lintunen holds a Doctor of Social Sciences in the field of Contemporary History. She got her degree in 2015. In her PhD, she studied the roles of women in the Finnish civil war and their survival after the war. Her main research interests include the Finnish civil war, war propaganda and the Finnish State Police (in the 1930’s and 1940’s). Currently, she works as a university teacher at the Department of Philosophy, Contemporary History and Political Science at the University of Turku.

Her most recent publications include:

Lintunen, Tiina. Punaisten naisten tiet. Otava, Helsinki 2017. (336 sivua)

Gottlieb, Julie V.  and Szapor, Judith, with Tiina Lintunen (on Finland) and Dagmar Wernitznig (on Rosika Schwimmer). Suffrage and Nationalism in Comparative Perspective: Britain, Hungary, Finland and the Transnational Experience of Rosika Schwimmer. In Women Activists Between War and Peace – Europe, 1918–1923. Edited by Ingrid Sharp and Matthew Stibbe. Bloomsbury, London 2017. (pages 33–95)

Lintunen, Tiina. Punaisten naisten tiet. Valtiorikosoikeuteen vuonna 1918 joutuneiden Porin seudun naisten toiminta sota-aikana, tuomiot ja myöhemmät elämänvaiheet. Väitöskirja. Annales Univesitatis Turkuensis.Turun yliopisto, Turku 2015. (299 sivua)

Lintunen, Tiina. Women at War. In Finnish Civil War. History, Memory, Legacy. Edited by
Tuomas Tepora and Aapo Roselius. Brill, Leiden 2014. (pages 201–229)