Sari Östman

Dr. Sari Östman is a researcher of Digital Culture at University of Turku. Her main interests include research ethics and digital oral history such as life-publishing and online discussion cultures. Currently she is working in a consortium research project called Citizen Mindscapes, in which she is responsible for studying a) research ethics in a multidisciplinary research environment, and b) Finnish online discussion cultures in the Suomi24 discussion forum.

Her most recent publications from these topics include for example:

Östman, S. & Turtiainen, R.: ”From Research Ethics to Researching Ethics in an Online
Specific Context.” Media and Communication, Vol. 4, Iss. 4. Pp 66–74. 2016.

Östman, Sari: “Millasen päivityksen tästä sais?” Elämäjulkaisijuuden kulttuurinen omaksuminen. Nykykulttuurin tutkimuskeskuksen julkaisuja 119. Jyväskylä. 2015.