In anticipation of Rita Felski’s honorary doctorate and address at the end of May, SELMA is organizing a ‘Rita Felski Reading Group’, open to all. The reading group will be run by Viola Capkova and Riitta Jytilä, and the first two sessions will be on 3 March and 7 April at 16–18 in the coffee room of literary studies (Artium). The reading group will culminate in Felski’s lecture on 27 May. More details will follow.


5 March, 12–14, Minerva, Jäntere E121 (University of Turku, Kaivokatu 12)

Gender Perspective on Memory and Narrative

With Kaiju Harinen and Lottamari Kähkönen

8 April, 14–16, Minerva, Litzen E117, (University of Turku, Kaivokatu 12)

Reading Seminar in collaboration with ‘Gender and Textuality Seminar’:

Immersions: Reading with water

With Olga Cielemecka and Anastasia Khodyreva


Histories of Death Symposium

19–21 February 2020

Link to the programme here. Individual sessions and keynotes are open to all but there is still time to register as a full participant. For more details and registration see here

Comics, Migration, Minorities

3–5 June, 2020

VENUE: School of History, Culture and Arts Studies at the University of Turku

IABA World Turku 2020
Life-Writing: Imagining the Past, Present and Future

9–12 June, 2020

Registration is open with early-bird fee until 29 February. Final registration by 10 May. Follow this link

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New Year’s Wishes

SELMA wishes you a very happy new year!
We will be back with the spring events programme soon.

Meanwhile, please note that registration for IABA Turku 2020 is open! Follow this link. Also, registration for the ‘Histories of Death Symposium’ (19–21 February) is open here.

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Event organized in collaboration with the Academy of Finland postdoctoral project Memory Unchained (SA 308661)

Oral history refers to a research field that focuses on memory as a subjective, communicative, and social faculty with a radical emancipatory potential. Moreover, oral history refers to practices of generating historical information by means of interviewing and to interpretations of history based on this information. As a field, oral history research has already reached the status of an established multidisciplinary enterprise. Considering the radical and critical roots of oral history, however, critical interrogations of its premises – such as its strong emphasis on verbal and textual dimensions of memory and its position vis-à-vis various other related disciplines (e.g. memory studies, queer history) – remain scarce. This seminar will focus on new perspectives in and on oral history and memory from various methodological and disciplinary perspectives.

Registration for this event is now closed.

More information on the seminar’s schedule and speakers here.

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Event organised in collaboration with Centre for Artistic Research and the History forum (University of Arts), Helsinki

How are we, as researchers, touched by people from the past, and how could we, in turn, touch our audiences? How to transform a monument into a human being, Jean into Janne? And what if someone from the past sent us a letter, what would we reply?

Come to discuss these questions at a salon of artists and researcher at the Theatre Academy on Wednesday, November 13 at 15:00–19:00.

For more information about the programme see the CfAR wepage here

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LECTURE – Queering the Trenches: The Homoerotic Accents in François Ozon’s Frantz (2016)

5 November 2019, 13–15, Hovi V105 (Artium, Sirkkala Campus, Kaivokatu 12)

In her talk ‘Queering the Trenches: The Homoerotic Accents in François Ozon’s Frantz (2016)’, Dr Helena Duffy argues that, by queering death in the treches, French filmmaker Ozon explores both the association between queerness and the negation of reproductive futurism, and the linked conception of the queer as the site of society’s death drive.

More information here

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Quitting (the) Habit: Fossil Fuels, Governmentality and the Politics of Energy Dependency

Guest lecture by Prof. Imre Szeman

Followed by a Roundtable

More information here and here

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This workshop will explore the political dimensions of narrative practices and forms of memory. It examines how memory cultures and cultural narratives shape the way in which people see the political world and the possibility of political change. The speakers of the workshop are Molly Andrews and Eneken Laanes who are currently visiting scholars at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies. 

For the workshop schedule and other information, see here.

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Playing videogames has always been tied to controversial speculations and assumptions about its negative impact, from the promotion of violence to fostering aggressive behaviour, particularly among youth. But is there an enjoyable and healthy way of playing games? In what way can video or board games be a useful learning tool, promoting non-violence and various other skills like problem solving, multiperspectivity in history education, team work, coordination and negotiating in international affairs? 

Find an answer by joining us to disscuss and explore educational potentials of (video)games and to learn-by-playing together with experts!  

For the workshop schedule see here

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After the summer break we are back with a full autumn programme and some news! 

First of all, we have a new coordinator, Marta Laura Cenedese, who is taking up from Nena Močnik.  

Secondly, SELMA is partner of the new Nordic Summer University research network ‘Narrative and Violence’ (2020–2022), coordinated by Marta Laura Cenedese and Helena Duffy (more information here: The call for papers for the first symposium will be sent out in mid-September.   

See the FALL 2019 PROGRAMME here

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WORKSHOP: The Hermeneutics of Violence

My Post (1)
”The Hermeneutics of Violence” is part of a larger project entitled Interpreting Violence: Narrative, Ethics and Hermeneutics, funded by the Joint Committee for Nordic research councils in the Humanities and Social Sciences. The second workshop, to be held at Turku University August 27-29 2019, will focus on the hermeneutics of violence, implying both the violent annulment of personhood sometimes inherent in interpretive acts themselves and the processes of interpreting narratives representing violence. Read more…
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