Jukka Vahlo

Jukka Vahlo, MA is a program manager at CCR Centre for Collaborative Research, Turku School of Economics. He has founded an interdisciplinary game research network Up Your Game (upyourgame.utu.fi) which consists of approx. 70 researchers from seven faculties of University of Turku and of some 30 members from local game companies and other organisations. Vahlo is currently finalizing his PhD thesis (folkloristics) on first-person gameplay experiences, player types and gameplay experience narratives. Contact: jukka.vahlo@utu.fi.

Recent publications:

Vahlo, J. (2017). An Enactive Account of the Autonomy of Videogame Gameplay. Game Studies 17(1).http://gamestudies.org/1701/articles/vahlo

Vahlo, J., Kaakinen, J. K., Holm, S. J. & Koponen, A. (2017). Digital Game Dynamics Preferences and Player Types. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication.http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/jcc4.12181/full

Välimäki, M., Korkeila, J. Kauppi, K. E., Kaakinen, K., Holm, S., Vahlo, J., Tenovuo, O., Hämäläinen, H., Sarajuuri, J., Rantanen, P., Orenius, T. & Koponen, A. (2016). Digital Gaming Used to Improve the Functioning of People With Traumatic Brain Injury: a Feasibility Study. JMIR Research Protocols 2016:5.