Joel Kuortti

Joel Kuortti is Professor of English at the University of Turku, Finland. His major research interests are in post-colonial theory, Indian literature in English, transnational identity, diaspora, hybridity, gender and cultural studies. In his recent works, he has studied especially transculturation in literary and cultural contexts. He is the leader of the Out of the Ordinary project, and his own subproject, South Asian Diaspora Contesting the West, focuses on that which has been regarded as ordinary, known, self-evident and formulaic in diaspora and diasporic literature. Kuortti is also an international expert on Salman Rushdie’s works, and has published widely on Rushdie, and on Indian English literature in general.
His most important publications include The Salman Rushdie Bibliography (1997), Place of the Sacred: The Rhetoric of the Satanic Verses Affair (1997), Fictions to Live In: Narration as an Argument for Fiction in Salman Rushdie’s Novels (1998), Indian Women’s Writing in English: A Bibliography (2002), Tense Past, Tense Present: Women Writing in English (2003), Writing Imagined Diasporas: South Asian Women Reshaping North American Identity (2007), Reconstructing Hybridity: Post-colonial Studies in Transition (co-ed. with J. Nyman 2007), Changing Worlds, Changing Nations: The Concept of Nation in the Transnational Era (co-ed. With O. P. Dwivedi 2012), Critical Insights: Midnight’s Children (ed. 2014), Transculturation and Aesthetics(2015), and Manju Kapur, the Indian Novelist: A Bibliography (2017).​